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Web Design - ONESYNC Advance 2 Year
Web Design - ONESYNC Advance 2 Year ONESYNC Company Website Malaysia Johor Selangor Penang Website, Organic SEO | NEWPAGES NETWORK SDN BHD - ABC123
RM 6,908.49
RM 4,716.04


Full Package
15 Emails (30GB Total)
Social Media Sync
(Sync to Facebook Page, Post to Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter)
Mobile Apps

1 Year Package RM3,999
2 Years Package RM4,999

Annual Advertising Fee RM1,580

Full Package Details

Website Specification
    1 Top-Level Domain
    Beautiful Banner Effects
    Effective Layout Design
    2 Default Pages (Home, About Us)
    Up to 8 Functional Pages (Products, Services, Gallery, Video, Download, Career, News, Contact)
    Individual Product Order Form
    Product Sub-Images + e-Catelog
    Auto Generate Watermak
    Online Map with GPS Ready function
    Unlimited Products Capacity & Categories
    Product Tags for Keyword & Search
    Support PDF Download & Youtube Video
    QR-Code Provide On Request
    Self Manageable Website
    Newpages Merchant System (PC & Apps)
    Multi Platform Accessibility
    Secured Website Protection
    Free Content Delivery Network(CDN) Service
    Simplified Mobile Website
    WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Function
    Newsletter Subscribe Function
    QR-Code Provided

TDO Specification

    Customized Keywords Optimization
    Optimized Domain Branded SEO
    Weekly Web Visitor Reports
    Detailed Visitor Analysis Report
    (Enquiry, Call, WhatsApp, IP, Location, Landing Page)
    Enquiry Push Notification
    Auto Daily Keywords Submission
    Post to NEWPAGES Timeline


Annual Advertising Fee

    Domain Name & Email Hosting
    Basic Web Maintenance
    Newpages Network Synchronization
    Phone & Email Support
    Auto Daily Keywords Submission & SEO Optimization
    Newpages Merchant System (PC & Apps)
    Weekly Visitor Reports
    Secured Website Protection
    Default Function Upgrade

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